Science of Nature

For 30 years, all epidemiological studies, research jobs in nutrition, evolution of knowledge on the human metabolism show that only natural molecules and metabolisables are capable of acting into depths of organism to restore biochemical balances.

This new news of health - preventive, human and total - is the only one who could bring a positive answer to stakes of health of the century which opens in front of us: diseases of civilization and ageing.

It is in this direction that we work to develop these physiological alternatives which will be the model of health of the 3rd millennium.

Who We Are

BIOZONE International, established in the year 2008, have offices in Karachi, Pakistan, and in Almaty, Kazakhstan.

We're known for creating and manufacturing exciting, innovative formulas including rubs for pain relief, cough syrups and flu prevention, mineral and general tonic, weight loss capsules, energy products, antioxidants, and formulas designed specifically, liver formulas.


BIOZONE International is one of the fastest growing healthcare companies and is engaged in the manufacturing and marketing of a wide range of Natural Herbal Pharmaceutical, Cosmeceutical and Nutritional products. Currently we produce syrups, balms, tablets, capsules, creams & gels. We have already launched 15 products (in dosage form).

How do we work

A unique approach to product development

To provide innovative and effective healthcare products, we rely on a strategy that is straightforward and successful:: - Conduct rigorous scientific investigation and development of natural products that make a unique contribution to the field of healthcare and the lives of patients and consumers.
- Execute marketing and sales initiatives to firmly establish our products in the marketplace.
- We use rich database of ancient and almost forgotten receipts of herbal remedies, improving dosages and combinations, making them up-to-date and effective in our modern life.
- We follow the regulations governing testing, approval, manufacture and distribution of our products.

What makes us different

There are many factors that differentiate BIOZONE International:
- Our attention on bringing innovation to areas where few others are focusing.
- Our relationships with professional and advocacy communities to determine their needs and to generate solutions for increased ill patient populations.
- Our commitment to deliver a continuous and uninterruped supply of our products.
- Our economical prices, using 2 manufacturing units in 2 countries allows us to supply as effective economical as stylish unique luxury products.
- Our European standard packing designs attract buyers and looking good on the shelves of retailes, which provide rotation in buying.

Our Strengths

- Comprehensive Product Portfolio - range of over 15 products with cost and quality leadership.
- Expertise manufacturing plants in France and Pakistan.
- Cost Leadership.
- Strong R&D.
- Strong Infrastructure to cater speed in delivery.
- Already developed market of more than 15 countries (including eastern Europe, USA, Canada, Poland, Baltic states, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan (CIS).


BIOZONE International is a certified company and has well-designed pharmaceutical manufacturing facilities located at Karachi. The entire facilities are environmentally controlled. Plants are well equipped with all the necessary and modern production manufacturing equipments required under The Drugs Acts, 1976. Most of the equipments are state-of-the-art and GMP oriented.

BIOZONE International has facilities and capabilities to produce following dosage forms:
- Herbal rubs, balms and gels.
- Liquid syrups and suspensions.
- Nasal inhalers.
- Lozenges.
- Psyllium husk powder.
- Instant herbal granulated tea in sachets.
- Liver, brain, woman, man formula caps.

Quality Control

Quality improvement is based on the premise that all work activities can be planned, performed, measured, and improved. BIOZONE Internatonal has implemented a comprehensive Quality System that enables the planning, implementation, assessment, and reporting necessary for guaranteeing that the products manufactured conform to the requirements and expectations of the customers. The department is responsible for maintaining all documents, records and Standard Operating Procedures, making sure that they are up-to-date.