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- BIOZONE is the one of leading producers of herbal supplement in the region of Pakistan with business activities in the wider regions of Middle East, Baltic states, Cis and Asia.
- BIOZONE is a significant producer of Herbal medicines and supplements as 2/3 of its turnover is realized on foreign markets and the turnover on foreign markets is constantly growing.
- BIOZONE is investing all the time to quality improvements and quality control.
- BIOZONE is updating and improving the product portfolio constantly in order to meet the needs of its consumers worldwide.
- BIOZONE is bringing persistently its products to new customers on new markets every year.

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Over the past years, BIOZONE products have gained the trust of satisfied customers in more than 11 countries worldwide.

The BIOZONE product portfolio counts about 19 preparations and consists of a wide range of products, from single-component to specially developed combination preparation and multicomponent preparations. The aim of such wide portfolio is the maximum effort to satisfy the needs of all customers.

In all phases of the development of new products and innovations, the latest scientific knowledge and the experience of top experts worldwide are used. Another source of information of no less importance is the regular marketing researches carried out among customers.

The BIOZONE product portfolio is a matter of continuous improvement and renewal in order to meet the different needs of the customers, to improve their lives and to promote the healthy lifestyle.

During the past years there have been developed several brands that represent today leading brands in their segments. These brands include TUSSREM ®, Dr.Smith Junior ®, GastroPhyt ®, etc.

You can offer to your customer product solutions they are looking for and need!


Assuring high quality for every single finished product that leaves the BIOZONE production plant is the key factor for having thousands of satisfied customers worldwide today. High standards of manufacturing is a guarantee for the customers that the dietary supplement has been produced in professional and carefully inspected production conditions. It gives to customer the certainty that the product has been made under the same strict conditions as regular medicines are made.

There are also other aspects to assure the high quality of products that BIOZONE is taking into account and applying. The BIOZONE products contain only proved active substances that come from high quality raw materials that are tested before processing. It is also important that active substances must be in an appropriate amount and naturally absorbed by the human body in order to be effective and to be helpful for the consumers. Applying those aspects and the fact that BIOZONE is carrying strict controls during the whole manufacturing process it guarantees that product effectiveness lasts for its whole shelf life and that tablets are safe and stable.

You can guarantee high quality, effective and safe products to your customers for their satisfaction!


The market segment of Herbal dietary supplements is globally competitive one however BIOZONE has reached a significant position in this segment during its presence on the market thanks to its comprehensive and focused orientation on the market trends.

That has been achieved thanks to proper marketing and communication strategy that is aiming globally at long-term individual brands building, reinforcing their position on the market, supporting brands awareness and increasing their global market share.

Leading brands as well as brands with leading potential are subjects of strong and comprehensive marketing support. In order to build up globally strong brand there is used proper communication mix including print, radio and outdoor advertisement as well as wide range of POS materials and PR materials with the purpose to make the brands familiar to all potential consumers and to inform and educate them about beneficial effects of particular products.

All the brand marketing communication strategies are precisely prepared for the global use however they are flexible enough to be locally modified if necessary.

You can take advantage of global communication strategy and applying it locally on your market with the participation and support of BIOZONE!


The creation and development of a long-term partnership is one of the presumptions of the mutually efficient and profitable business relation. BIOZONE has been developed such long-term partnerships on many foreign markets. By adopting the principles of long-term partnership the co-operation is mutually beneficial for both sides and it is a guarantee of stability that is important factor in the global business. Long-term partnership is also positively perceived by consumers as they consider then the product as much reliable with the result to develop loyal consumers of BIOZONE products.

You can take advantage of long-term partnership with BIOZONE in order to assure sustainable growth and profit and background of an international company.