Dr. Smith Syrup (Cough Syrup 120ml)

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Struggling with children's cough and raises immuniry! 2 in 1 Effect, Having no Side Effect Effective Herbal Cough Syrop for chilren with the rich flora of 14 extracts of medicinal herbs, having the taste and aroma of cherries, rich in antioxidants, flavonoids, organic acids, vitamin C, amino acids, fatty oils, Dissolving phlegm, facilitates expectroration, relieves irritation and unpleasant pain in the throat, very rich in smoothes a dry, irritated throat, Strengthens immune system of the child, tickles in a throat, eliminates hoarseness of voice and helps to support the respiratory system. And has a general strengthening, tonic effect on the child's entire body. Restores the protective forces of the growing organism.

Dr. SMITH is extremely well tolerated having no side effects. It can be used in complex therapy of inflammatory diseases of the upper and lower respiratory tracts, as well as for prevention of seasonal influenza.

Cough during cold and flu Dry & irritant cough Cough associated with acute and chronic respiratory conditions such as asthma, bronchitis, pneumonia, pharyngitis, tracheitis, tracheobronchitis and sore throat.

For children older than 6 months 1/2 teaspoons (2.5 ml, 3-4 times a day) For 3 years old and teenagers (2.5-5 ml) 3-4 times a day For adult spoonfuls (7-10ml) 3-4 times a day