FERRUM TONIC (Syrup 120 ml & 250ml)

Ferrum Tonic syrup is a herbal syrup for iron deficiency anemia; improves the action of the liver and increases the red blood corpuscles (RBC). Provides a very highly absorbable form of iron and combines it with digestive herbs and extracts that improves appetite, restores metabolism & helps in imrpoving hemoglobin.

Raises iron (Hemoglobin), Improve Digestion & detoxifying the body! 3 in 1 Effect, having no Side Effect.

Iron deficiency anemia Pregnancy anemia Lactation Loss of appetite Liver Disorder Nervous Weakness General Weakness Convalescence

Adults: 2 teaspoons teaspoonful, 2-3 times a day. Children: 1 teaspoonful, 2-3 times a day